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Has been in operation since 2000.  Originally we were a source for food for those in poverty in the Flint, Michigan area.  We have gone from providing for a few hundred families to a few thousand families in a very short period of time.  From there we began to work with the city of Flint to be a remote location for events they may have needed help with.  Voting, Flu shots, census data, jobs and more.  Today we are even proud to be a location for vaccine shots for the Covid-19 virus.  If our city needs it we are willing to contribute to providing it!

In 2014 the water system in Flint took a turn for the worst due to some unfortunate decisions made by those in high power in the state of Michigan.  The water in the city was so full of lead it began to change colors and became more and more contaminated.  The people that made those decisions are no longer in power and that problem is being tended to.  However, the water is still contaminated and the people in the city not only lack water to consume, they can’t use this water to cook, clean, bathe or anything else we use water for on a day to day basis.  But, with the help of companies like Nestle and Ice Mountain we have been able to provide multiple cases of water (12 to 18 bottles each) for families around the city.  Over the course of 5 days we provide  clean bottled water to 10,000 plus families!  This is on a weekly basis and will continue through the end of the water crisis and possibly beyond that point and time.

Among some of the other resources we provide are things like hygiene products, quality first and second hand clothes and jackets, medical and health insight and more.  We also have trade training programs for logistics as well as a forklifting program for those looking for careers in those fields.  

As stated earlier, if our city needs it we are willing to provide it or at least contribute to providing it.  With the help of other organizations that either give food and water or donate other resources we have been able to meet our goals and more.  For more on what we do in the city of Flint and beyond please call us at (810) 228-3368.

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