Community Outreach Center

The time is always right to do what is right.

-Martin Luther King

The R.L. Jones Community Outreach Center

Gives local citizens access to the resources they otherwise either would not have access to or may not be aware of. We understand that even though we do provide resources and educational information some people don’t even have the means to make it to us to even get the information. So the C.O.C. provides what is known as AFN or Access & Functional Needs. Resources and services such as:

  • NUTRITIONAL EDUCATION (pamphlets, books and other literature)

This allows us to not only serve more of the community but it helps the community to begin to help itself in an effort to improve and progress to what we have the potential to be. A positive, successful and prosperous place of love and comfort.

For more information please call us at (810) 228-3368

R.L. Jones Community Outreach Center
(Greater Holy Temple C.O.G.I.C. Campus)
6800 Dort Highway, Flint, MI 48505
(810) 787-3960

Do you have questions? Call or visit us.

(810) 228-3368

6800 Dort Highway, Flint, MI 48505


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