Armstrong Williams Donates Water Generating System to RL Jones COC


No matter how much the R.L. Jones Community Outreach Center has been able to accomplish over the last few years they are always looking for more ways to provide for the community they love.  Be it clothing, clean water, jobs, food and more they are always willing to take on new, more innovative ways to make Flint, MI a better place.  Armstrong Williams, owner of Howard Stirk Holdings and WEYI-TV acknowledged the hard work of RL Jones COC by surprising them and presenting them with whats known as a WaterGen machine.  A supply of water that generates its load by pulling it straight out of thin air!

Yes, this state-of-the-art technology, $75,000 Gen350 medium scale water generator gets its supply by pulling air in and separating the water from it.  It produces about 240 gallons of CLEAN water per day and they give it out in 3 quart water bags.  The founders of the RL Jones COC were very emotional when the product was presented to them as they both expressed how much they needed something of the sort. “… Its exactly what I thought it would be and its exactly what I asked God for” said co-founder Sandra Jones when asked how she felt about having the WaterGen Machine.

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