The water we have to offer the Flint community is donated by some of our most active and consistent sponsors such as the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan and Nestle.  We try to provide as much as we can to as many as we can at any of our weekly events that include donated water.  Each family gets no less than 6 cases of water (typically 20 bottles or more per case) and no more than 8 cases. 

For most events this usually totals out to about 2000 cases or more.  Everyone stays in there vehicle and our volunteers place the cases in their car for them.  We do, however, realize everyone doesn’t have a vehicle.  Due to this community factor we began what is now known as our home delivery service where we deliver food as well as water directly to the front doors of the families that do not have transportation.

Click here or call us at (810) 787-3960 for more information on our delivery service

R.L. Jones Community Outreach Center
(Greater Holy Temple C.O.G.I.C. Campus)
6702 Dort Highway, Flint, MI 48505
(810) 787-3960